This website is dedicated to one of the most important business organizations in the United Kingdom today, the Smiths Group, which is a world leading brand in several different industries, including communications, engineering, medical equipment and devices as well as detection for contraband and threats. In this article I wanted to give you some information on how the company has developed over the years, as a lot of things have happened since they started out in 1827.

The company was founded by Samuel Smith, who, at age 24, opened up a London shop that sold and made watches and clocks. This business went on as a family run company for years, but it wasn’t until the beginning of the 20th century, after a request made by the King Edward VII, that the company would take a turn for the better. With the motor industry developing quickly, the King had asked Samuel’s fifth child, Allan, to help building the first speedometer, a device used for measuring the speed of a moving automobile. Ten years later, approximately 50.000 of these devices we’re in use and automotive manufacturing had become a keystone in the Smith business organization.

When the first world war began, Smiths we’re heavily involved in creating safety features in the airplanes, leading them onto to further focusing on the production and manufacturing of motor accessories, leaving the watch making in the shadows, and creating a separate branch of the company for that purpose, called Smiths Domestic Clocks.

As the second world war began, there was a heavily increased need for the production of instruments in the motor, marine and aircraft sectors, which helped the Smiths corporation to further develop their business.

In 1958, Smiths bought a controlling interest in a company called Portland Plastics, which was to become their first step into the medical business, which was to become a central part of their organization. The Smiths branch, Wallace, which is the name of their medical brand, was majorly involved in the manufacturing of the devices used for the world’s first successful IVF. IVF stands for in Vitro Fertilisation, and what it means is that an egg is fertilized outside the female’s body, in a laboratory.

Over the years, the Smith’s group has continued to develop, and is today one of Britain’s most successful companies. Today, the company is split into five different divisions.  John Crane manufactures products for global energy companies that are designed to help them operate under challenging circumstances. The medical division is called Smiths Medical, and is considered one of the market giants when it comes to specialized medical equipment. The third branch is called Smiths Detection, which is a security-focused business, developing sensory devices that can help detect bombs, narcotics and other hazardous material. They also have a division focusing on technical equipment and electronic components, as well as company called Flex-Tek, which makes the fifth division of the group. Flex-Tek is the smallest organistaion of the group, and specializes in manufacturing engineered components for various industries.

In this post I want to try to help you make your gambling more rewarding. I’d like to start off by saying that I am by no means an expert in this field, and that they won’t guarantee you any profit, but they are merely shared in order to help you get a better experience from your online gambling, which is something I would guess every gambler is looking for. I’ve been playing different online gambling games for years, starting off with online bingo at Balloon bingo probably 6 years ago or something, and from there I progressed to other forms of online gambling, such as poker and online casino websites. Through the years I feel like I have picked up on a lot, so without further ado, here are my top tips for the online gambler!

First, and by far the most important tip, is to remember to have fun. That’s all gambling should be about, enjoying the excitement! As soon as you start moving your focus over to making profit, that’s where your problems are going to start. Gambling companies, just like any other businesses, want to make profit, and therefore the games will more than likely make you lose money in the long run. You should be okay with this fact. Just as you pay money to go see a movie in the cinema, you should be okay with paying a casino for playing their games, provided that they give you value for that money in terms of excitement. In other words, you have to be able to feel that the session was “worth it”, even though you might have ended up losing all your money. You should see any profit you make merely as a bonus, and never as something that would “make or break” your gaming session.

Next up, while making profit should never be what you set out for, there’s nothing wrong with taking up a few necessary actions in order to make it more likely to make money. Do this by visiting sites such as, which can offer you some really good gaming tips and strategies for certain games. The good thing about these guides is that they will both make the games more exciting as you will now understand more about them, but they will also increase your chances of winning. Please note, however, that a casino strategy can never guarantee that you will win anything.

My third tip would be to try out as many types of games as you can! I see far too many people spending all their time on a single slot machine, and it confuses me, because it’s usually the first slot machine they try. If they haven’t tried the other games in the casino, how could they possibly know which one is their favorite? If you visit sites such as Eurogambler, you can easily find some of the best gambling websites in the business, reviewed and scored after based on loads of different criteria, opening the possibility for you to try out some of the best games the industry has to offer!

I’ve just moved in to my new apartment which I really, really love. I’m especially happy as I was extremely lucky to get my hands on it in the first place, and in this place I’m going to tell you how it happened. In the city I live, finding a place to live is far from easy, especially if you want to live in the good parts of town were crime is low and you’re close to all the action that you want. Apartments are quite expensive, and I had spent the last two years sharing an apartment with three other people. I didn’t particularly dislike having to share a place, as long as I had my own room. Eventually we all became good friends and hung out quite a lot together in our place. But at age 29 I felt that the time had come for me to find my own place, to really start out my “adult life”, if that’s what you’d like to call it.

So I started looking around in newspapers and online sites after a new place where I could move in. As flats are rather expensive in my city, I figured a two room apartment would do the trick – I would have a bedroom to sleep in and a living room to relax in. I could have probably done with a studio flat, but considering the fact that my girlfriend might move in with me in the future, it’s better to prepare for that straight away.

After a few weeks of looking around, visiting many terrible flats in dodgy neighborhoods with water leakages, rats and all that sort of stuff, I finally found it: The perfect place! It was a two room apartment just outside the city centre, in what’s considered to be one of the best areas in town for young professionals. The flat had been newly refurbished, and although the rent was just a little bit higher than what I had set out for, I knew this place was for me. But here came the problem.

In order to rent the flat, the agency demanded that you’d pay 2 months’ rent as a deposit, which was to be paid back when you moved out of the flat, something that I had heard about before, but didn’t think was put into practice that often. So here I was, with the perfect flat, but not being able to afford both the deposit and the first rent until I got paid in two weeks. I couldn’t take the chance of waiting either, as I knew a place like this would have been snapped up straight away.

What I did was that I went online and applied for a quick loan. This is a pretty new form of loan which isn’t as complicated as other types of loans. Basically, you can borrow as much as £1000 for up to a month, as long as you don’t have any bad credit check. With the loan I was then able to pay of the deposit and move into my new place. Now, the interest rates for these types of loans are usually pretty high, but for me it was definitely worth the extra money as it meant I could move in to the perfect flat!

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You hear a lot of talk these days about Forex trading. Although this isn’t at all a new form of trading it has recently become much more available to private people as new forex brokers have started to popup online making it so much easier for everyday people to create an account and start trading on the currency market. A couple of years ago, this form of trading was usually only practiced by business professionals who would do it for a living. Still, to this day, unless you are “in the know” it’s easy to regard forex trading as something that is done by people that come from financial backgrounds, who actually know what they are doing, but in this article I wanted to shed some light on the situation to more accurately describe what it is actually like. Because, to tell you the truth, there are countless people just like you and me, who might not know much about trading, who are getting in to the trading industry every day!

Looking at it from a very basic point of view, forex trading isn’t complicated at all. What you do is that you buy a currency for a certain price, and from there the idea is to let the value of your currency increase before you sell, so that when you do sell it, you do it for a profit. That is the basic concept of forex trading. Now, that doesn’t sound so hard at all does it?

Of course, for a complete beginner, you wouldn’t really know when the right time to buy a currency is, and thus you are likely to run into some problems in the beginning, but what I wanted to explain was that the actual process of trading currencies isn’t very hard, in fact it can be taught in less than an hour. Then starts the process of gaining knowledge about the market so that you can use your knowledge in order to determine when the right time to buy and sell is, and to do this you use the various analytical tools that are available at your broker.

A good place to start out if you are looking to get into forex trading is at a forex portal online. A well regarded website in the industry is, which has reviews of many of the well known forex brokers that are available online, meaning that you will get a good overview of what’s available. What’s even better is that you can find several guides and tips on the website, that will be very valuable for the beginner, as you could easily pick up on the basics in that way.

The next step that I would recommend is to open up a practice account at a well known broker and start trading for play money before you start trading for real. This will give you a nice feel for the market, and you can actually test your skills before actually starting to invest your own money. When you see that your results are starting to improve you can start up a real account.

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